The W.C. runs this place. The W.C. refers to himself in the third person. The W.C. usually stops referring to himself in the third person by about the third sentence because otherwise people start to think that he’s touched in the head. I love to talk about derby, but I can’t always wait until the next bout to do it so, BOOM! website, bitches! Drop me a line sometime and we can talk derby or whatever. I like other things too. Like beer. We can talk about beer. But it would be better if you brought me a beer. Or beers.

I’m on the facebook: my page is here (click if you dare), but honestly it’s just going to redirect you to the Skates and Scars page (here). Yeah, I know. I’m not great at social media. Or you can comment on the site. Take a look around, you’re welcome to it. I don’t have much, but you can always have half.

All information on this site is opinion. (Except when it’s not.)

Oh, and also: I will definitely say something to offend you if you read this site long enough. You have been duly notified.

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