Something Old, Something New


The TXRD 2016 Mid-Season Draft!

We’ve reached the half way point of the TXRD season and you know what that means: The Mid-Season Draft is upon us! The teams have spent the first half of the season circling each other like Rocky and Apollo. Some of them look like a Rocky IV Rocky (they got hit a few times, but mostly still look fine (except for that lip thing, I mean, come on Sly, just close your mouth!)). Some of the teams look more like Rocky I Rocky (they have that “you should really put some ice on that” face). But the bell has rung and their back in their corners (I guess it’s like a five sided ring? Look, don’t get distracted by metaphor details. Focus.). How did the teams make out in the draft? The W.C. takes a look at what they got!

First up in the picks were the Hellcats who got things started by welcoming back veteran Knotty Knoxville. A spitfire and a powerhouse, she’s another brick in a solid foundation for the Kitties this season. Their next pick came as a complete surprise to absolutely no one when they snatched up Break n Bake. I once called her the hottest draft pick this side of Rocky Casbah and I don’t think anyone would argue the point with me. She’s fast, tenacious and has a never-say-die attitude that the Hellcats went after like catnip. You thought the Hellcats looked good early this season? I can guarantee you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Next up, the Rhinestone Cowgirls got their hands on Shania Pain, a strong skater with and a strong arm, she has that Cowgirl toughness that they love so well. They also took Domme Draper who’s dominating (did you see what I did there?) the pack as a blocker. The Cowgirls have been a bit dusted-up this season and they’re clearly looking to establish a solid core to allow their jamming talent (and they’ve got it, baby) to shine.

After that, the Holy Rollers got their turn and first up for them was Nicola Virus. Another solid blocker from the Hired Gun pool, Nicola lends strength to an already strong Roller pack. The same can be said for their next pick: Vanna Fook who skates hard and doesn’t vanna quit (did you see what I–I’ll stop). The Rollers come out of this draft sitting pretty and it’s a pretty seat to be in for the second half of this season.

The Cherry Bombs got their turn next and brought the house down when they announced the return of veteran Rocky Casbah. Rocky Casbah, you guys! I once saw her flip (straight up flip) over an opposing player. (To be fair she hit her head and later passed out.) I’ve admitted before to being a bit of a Rocky fanboy*, but you never forget your first derby crush (sorry Dusty). After that, the closed out their round by adding Bambi Blow to the team who not only has a conveniently appropriate name, but zips around the track with the grace and speed of a gazelle. The Bombs will be the team to watch going into the second half of this season.

Last, but not least, the Putas del Fuego capped off the night by adding Ramona deFlowers to the crew. A strong jammer with a good head for derby, Ramona will make the already intimidating Putas that much more dangerous. They may have picked last, but the Putas certainly did not get the leftovers from this draft.

Well, it was a night full of expectation and excitement. The teams have bulked up their ranks and are ready for the next round. Congratulations to all the new team members! You know the W.C. can’t wait to see what you do on the track and off (although mostly try to stay on the track, that cement looks painful).

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*Events described may or may not have take place.

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