A pre-game analysis for tonight’s bout.

So, the W.C. can’t wait for this show down. The two undefeated teams face off against each other. I’m more exited than a redneck bumping into Jimmy Swaggart in the overalls isle of a Bass Pro Shop. Who’s going to come out on top? Lets do a little side-by-side here and see where the W.C. lands.

We’ll start with the team that is on a hot streak: the Hellcats. The biggest threat the Hellcats pose is that they are organized. They walked away from last season with egg on their face and I’m pretty sure they made a blood oath to the dark gods that they would never let that happen again. In their first outing this season they were a well oiled machine. Their new manager and coach, Neil B4 Zod, had them working with the precision of a Roman legion fighting barbarian hordes. (Did you know “barbarian” just means “bearded one”? There’s your fun fact for the day.(Smart and funny? The W.C. is the complete package!)) It also doesn’t hurt that they have a rock solid core of players like Glitterotica, Mean Jolene and Hannthrax, to name just a few. They have to feel good about their last win and will definitely try to ride that wave into this bout.

And then there are the Cherry Bombs. If any team this season has a pedigree of vets in their roster, it’s the Bombs. They’re captained by both physical and, lets face it, existential threats Trainwreck Trina and Milla Juke-a-Bitch. That duo of blonde baddassery lead their team to a victory in their last bout that had them score four times more points than their opponents. They’re a team that rolls in with an attitude, but they have the history-of-victory to back it up. Not to mention some of the most intimidating pack-workers in the league with the likes of Rolla Parks and Ninja Please creating holes and making the jammers jobs easy.

So who’s coming out on top this time? If I go with my gut I have to say Hellcats, because I think they want it more. Do the Cherry Bombs have a decent chance to win? Of course they do. And they aren’t just going to roll over either. This bout will be close and hard fought. Could the Cherry Bombs win? Yes, a hundred percent. Will the Hellcats let them win? That’s going to be the deciding factor.

Thanks for reading. If you’re in Austin, I’ll see you at the bout tonight. Tune in next time for more from the W.C. at Skates and Scars!

P.S.: TXRD made a super cool promo for the bout that you can see here (you know you want to). Check it out, you’ll get to see some of your favorite players up close!

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